Football club sponsored by Who are “Betting Companies” in England?

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Betting Companies. Daily Mail, British news agency reported that their government It is in the process of considering and improving the 2005 Gambling Law to be more comprehensive and appropriate for the era. This includes prohibiting betting companies from placing advertisements on the chests of football teams .

While the full bill is slate for release in 2022, a source from the Daily Mail claiming to be involve in the bill said: “We are pretty sure. This is the end of the ufabet (gambling) advertisement on the chest. Everyone expected that. In fact, he wanted more. But politicians are concerned about smaller league teams.”

“The government thinks the advertisement on the chest is something that catches the eye. and it is as if it has announced something to the public.”

What is interesting is that as many as nine Premier League clubs are sponsor by a betting company on the chest of their shirts. And there is a betting company to sponsor another team’s sleeves and training kits. Altogether, there were 11 clubs where at least one point bet appeared on the team’s kit.

Premier League team

But when looking into the details Every Premier League team has a sponsor or partner from a betting company. including popular clubs such as Manchester United with HTH as their betting partner, Liverpool with 1XBet as their club partner and Manchester City with Marathon Bet as their side-side sponsor and global partner of team Except for only one club, Norwich City

Even this ban It may be difficult to have an impact on the club’s partners. But it has caused many parties to express their disagreement clearly. both the financial impact that may occur Especially with clubs that have shirt chest sponsors as these betting companies. During the period of COVID- 19 still spreading It is still unknown in the future. What the sponsor will replace it with.

However, if the law is enforce in the future. Apart from the nine Premier League clubs that will surely be affect. There will be another six in the ‘Sky Bet’ Championship. The country’s second tier football league. That even the league itself is supported by betting companies as well.

Since the passing of the gambling law in the 1960s, there have been a large number of legal gambling companies. The income from gambling has helped to boost the country’s economy by as much as 7.7 billion pounds, or about 350 billion baht, along with helping to create jobs, both directly and indirectly, more than 100,000 people, according to data released in 2019.