Inter Milan announces separation from Eriksen due to health issues

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Serie A leaders Inter Milan have announced they have terminated Christian Eriksen‘s contract due to a heart attack.

 A medical document from Mahidol University provides an explanation. Cardiac arrhythmias ( ‘cardiac Arrhythmia ) is a condition where the heart rhythm is not natural. It may be beating too fast or too slow. Make the blood pump to different parts of the body is not as efficient. As it should be and may increase the risk of heart failure or stroke

Inter Milan By this time, the Danes star was treat with a defibrillator. To wait for the expiry of 6 months in . May . 2022 , which according to the labor law in Italy does not have a random chance to live a football career. So the ‘ General Missouri ‘ with Eric Jensen had reached an agreement. Together to tear down the contract to release players as free agents.  

” FC Internacionale Milano confirms that it has agreed to terminate Christian Eriksen ‘s contract with mutual consent, ” said the official Twitter account @ Inter .

“The club and all personnel of the family ‘Missouri generals’ request for a toast to the good stuff, Christians face in the future,” ” which, even today, Inter and Christian have already separate. But the strong bond will never break Good times together , goals scored , victories , celebrating the success of the Scudetto with the fans off the pitch , Giuseppe Meazza. ”

” All of that happened remains in the pages of history ‘ Mineral Missouri ‘ Forever ‘.

It is not clear that the next station of Eric Jensen is nowhere but Eric Farnsworth Haag trainer of Ajax. Which is link to those already rejected.