Jamie sees Rooney could be the right man for Everton

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Former Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp believes Wayne Rooney could be the man to play for Everton’s future manager.

         Rafael Benitez is in danger of being sent off after the club’s 2-1 defeat to Norwich City in the Premier League on Saturday night. Causing the team to win only one ufabet game from the last 11 games. With only 19 points from 19 games this season. He is rank 15th in the table with only 6 points leading the relegation zone. Although the player is less

         Redknapp thinks Rooney. Who is currently doing well at Derby, might be the right choice to take over as Goodison Park boss.

         “People talk about Wayne Rooney’s name, the work he does at Derby is very impressive,” Redknapp told Sky Sports.

         “The fact that he puts the team in a position to survive. That would be the best relegation escape ever.”

         Rooney currently takes “Khao Lek” from a negative 21 points to 14 points from 26 games, eight points behind the relegation zone now.

Speaking as a pundit on Sky Sports, Redknapp said: “People are talking about Wayne Rooney. The job he is doing at Derby is out of this world.

“The fact that he’s even got them in the position to stay up, this would be the greatest escape of all time.