Jurgen Klopp studied the old Sampdoria team Ranieri

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed that he has done his homework by studying Sampdoria’s way of playing in Serie A. Italy because it is the former affiliation of Claudio Ranieri, the current rampant Bostan. Therefore, there must be some identity left to trace.

Jurgen Klopp believes that football always changes coaches and plays well. So a visit to the Village Karen Village Road recently release Cheese’s Moon Yor left then Kgebgg old grill. 70 -year-old Ranieri reins must be a trick shy contested dry seen from the nearly two weeks ago. game  

The new flavor of Watford

So Liverpool must find a way to deal with the new flavor of Watford , assuming they will play like ‘ La Samp

” I think he is the best manager. The team that works around the world. The latest club has made the team successful again. until he made a name for himself That’s really cool. ” Opening his mouth to the official website  

” I do not think we should pay attention to anything that would take me down somewhat in the first match ( as head coach Watford knife ), he was busy preparing the team continues to fight the ghost .” 

“ So our preparations were a little different. So we had to go look at the record of the match when he was in charge of Sampdoria rather than watch old Watford tapes in order to tackle the ‘ hornets rampage. Because Claudio had a way of forming a specific team. So we will trace what he is familiar with. ”

“ But the key message I would like to say in this game is that we are focused on our own team. Not just because we haven’t caught the opponent. But usually, we always focus on managing our own side first. ”

 Throughout her career, head coach Ranieri ‘s team face Liverpool all 14 times every losing only 6 units only ( five wins , always three ).