Juventus – Chelsea are not close to agreeing on the Vlahovic-Lukaku difference

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Juventus and Chelsea are yet to come close to agreeing a swap deal for Dusan Vlahovic for Romelu Lukaku this summer.

Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport reports that talks are ongoing between Juventus and Chelsea over the swap of striker Vlahovic with Lukaku. Even now there are still many differences in the price difference of the two players. Juventus were previously prepared to listen to an offer of €80m for Vlahovic, similar to what he bought from Fiorentina in January 2022. While Chelsea are starting to worry about a move.

Sold without Lukaku, which is going to be difficult. Although the demand has been reduce to 40 million euros. Vlahovic and Lukaku swap negotiations therefore took place, with Juventus wanting Chelsea to pay the difference of 40 million euros, ufabet https://ufabet999.com but the main problem in discussions was that the famous London club wanted to pay 20 million.

Euro in this deal Gazzetta reports that Chelsea have yet to make an official offer. But it is believe that the final figure would be around 20 million euros plus a number of add-ons, along with sending Lukaku to swap with Vlahovic, although there is still a big difference. But the negotiations continued. With the hope that an agreement can be reache within August.