Kim Mi-joo, the hot net idol who is crazy about golf

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How many holes is fine! Shining on the sexiness of “Kim Mi-joo”, the hot net idol who is crazy about golf . Get to know Kim Mi-joo, one of the South Korean social media celebrities. That said that young See when you have to look

The pretty girl has more than 81,600 followers on Instagram danlyun , her main career being a freelance model. And is considered a very healthy woman, Mi

-Joo likes to play golf with her heart. which she often goes out with a gang of friends Almost every day that has it all Her other favorite exercise activities are Surfing, Pilates, and traveling to various places, Mi

-Joo said she was lonely. can’t stay still Always looking for something to do That turned out to be an unwitting advantage. Because this is the secret to keeping her in a good mood. It also helps the shape fit and surge young minds. As you can see here