Lilly Ella, showing off a bright corner for her age

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Generous Daddy! Shining on IG “Gerrard” supports Lilly Ella, showing off a bright corner for her age. The cuteness has hit many people’s hearts. For Lilly Ella Gerrard, a 17-year-old British girl

Comes here, believing that many fans must have stumbled upon her last name. Of course, Lily is the heir. Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard, who recently took on the role of Rangers manager to their first Scottish Premier League title in a decade. This past season,

For Lily, born on February 23, 2004, is the eldest daughter of Gerrard and former model Alex Curran. She has two sisters, Lek. 15-year-old C, 9-year-old Lourdes, and the youngest brother of the house, Leo, 4,

Now has followers on Instagram. lilly.gerrardd More than 1.5 hundred thousand people who themselves are constantly posting various activities. sedentary Especially the fashion dress that looks younger will pay special attention to the youth. Until being known as a young fashionista. A teenage girl, one of Dan’s good people.

Father Stevie G also seems to support his eldest daughter’s fashion preferences. He often secretly commented on Lily to know that she saw it. as various emoticons such as hearts or burning bonfires, etc.

Football fans are raving about social media!! After the photo was share with the eldest daughter of legendary former Reds captain Steven Gerrard, Lily Ella Gerrard, there has been a lot of interest. The more you grow, the more beautiful the degree increases. beautiful spell every eye Until almost football fans apply to be FC all over the world now.